LOS 'Non-Toxic Lead Free' Bullets

High-Quality, Affordable Bullets for the Modern Shooter

LOS ‘non-toxic lead free’ Bullets For Sale in .224, .284, .308 calibres.

The LOS ‘non-toxic lead-free’ bullets are a revolutionary offering in the ammunition market, available in .224, .284, and .308 calibres. Priced at £60 for the .308 140gr HT and .284 130gr HT, and £50 for the .224 52gr HT, these bullets are sold in packs of 100, including postage and packing fees. Notably, they are approximately half the price of their counterparts, making them an exceptional value proposition for shooters. Having been personally tested in both .223 and .308 variants for over a year, they have demonstrated remarkable accuracy, consistency, and practical impact. Vihtavuori, a reputable name in the ammunition industry, provides detailed reloading data for the .308, ensuring optimal performance for hand loaders. For those keen on understanding the craftsmanship behind these bullets, LOS offers insights into their solid brass manufacturing process.

Norfolk venison


I have been using the .223 and .308 in my business for over a year and have been thoroughly impressed by their accuracy, consistency, and practical effect.

Norfolk venison


Prices are per 100 bullets and include postage and packing:

  • .308 140gr HT: £60
  • .284 130gr HT: £60
  • .224 52gr HT: £50

Reloading data: Click here

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These bullets are priced at nearly half the cost of similar products in the market, offering exceptional value for every shooter.

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